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Richard Wilcock

Money Writer, Director and Co-Founder

Richard is a Co-Founder and Director at Capalona with over twenty years of experience in the finance sector.

Having run successful businesses before, including an award-winning digital creative agency, Rich understands first-hand the confusion customers face when searching for business finance. That’s why he works closely with our panel of business finance lenders, ensuring a high level of customer service - delivering the best experience possible for our users.

Rich is a member of Fintech Wales and a supporter of the Welsh Government’s Trade and Invest Campaign.

For further reading and interviews, visit BeTheSparkWales.

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Articles by Richard Wilcock

Capalona teams up with Caernarfon Town FC in Academy player sponsorship deal

Capalona proudly unveils its official sponsorship of an Academy player at Caernarfon Town Football Club, marking a significant stride in supporting grassroots sports.

Capalona wins award for Broker of the quarter

We're proud to receive this recognition from Cubefunder, one of our trusted and valued business funding lenders. We'd like to thank Cubefunder for this opportunity and for its continued support to our customer base.

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Large Business Loans

Use our free loan comparison tool to quickly find and compare large business loans up to £10 million.

Business Loans for Good Credit

If you have good credit, the great news is the world of business loans is your oyster. Lenders are looking for borrowers like you who are reliable and will repay loans in line with repayment terms.

Management Buyout Financing

If you’re part of the management team looking to buy out the existing owners, you might need financial support to make it happen. Compare management buyout funding options and apply today.

Cow & Livestock Finance

Access between £1,000 and £2 million+ for your farm business. Read on below to learn more about livestock finance and how it can help you and your farming business grow.

Acquisition Finance

If you want to buy someone out of a business, acquisition finance can make that possible. Find and compare lenders offering competitive financing options. Get a free quote today.

Automotive Business Loans

If you need to purchase a vehicle for commercial purposes, whether it’s a company car for commuting or a truck for deliveries, an automotive business loan can give you the capital you need to purchase them.

Long Term Business Loans

A long-term business loan allows you to borrow money and spread the cost over a longer period, usually five years or more.

Business Debt Consolidation Loans

Consolidating your business debt can help you remain on top of your repayments and access better interest rates and longer repayment terms.

Franchise Finance

If you’re looking to expand your franchise business or you want to buy into a new franchise, a franchise loan can give you the working capital you need to pursue your franchising dream.

eCommerce Business Loans

If you own an online business, an eCommerce business loan is a great way to help you grow. We help you find financing options for businesses of all sizes. Discover how easy it is to get started today with our business loans from £1,000. Find out more about eCommerce financing below.

Equipment Financing

Commercial equipment financing lets your business access the tools, equipment and machinery it needs for successful growth. Choose to lease or purchase assets with an equipment finance solution.

Limited Company Business Loans

A limited company loan provides fast and flexible funding for small to medium sized businesses that are registered with Companies House. If your business needs finance, a ltd company loan could be the ideal solution.

Agricultural Finance

Fund your farm, buy livestock, machinery, land and buildings easily with agricultural finance.

Business Loans For Women

Straightforward business finance for female entrepreneurs up to £500,000.

SME Loans

If you're an SME business owner, an SME loan will allow you to grow your business quickly and with confidence.

Sole Trader Loans

Just because you’re not a limited company, doesn’t mean you can’t secure finance.

Cash Flow Loans

A cash flow loan is one of the quickest ways to access cash for your business. Get the ball rolling with a free quote.

Commercial Finance Brokers

Commercial finance brokers act as a go-between service for businesses who are looking to raise finance and commercial lenders. They arrange the business loan from start to finish and usually charge a fee or are paid a commission by the lender - sometimes both.

Trade Finance

Get funding for goods, services and commodities, manage cash flow, and reduce the risk of domestic and international trading transactions with trade finance.

Peer To Peer Lending

A low-cost peer to peer loan offers a simple and quick way to connect you to the finance you need to grow your business.

Selective Invoice Finance

Selective invoice finance, which is also known as single or spot factoring, offers a convenient and straightforward way to unlock up to 95% of cash tied up in single unpaid customer invoices.

Business Loans For Bad Credit

A bad credit rating can make it difficult to get business loans – but there are many funding solutions available so you can still get the funds you need to grow your small business. We have loan products your business can benefit from even if it has an adverse credit history.

Startup Business Loans

We can help you source the funding you need for your startup business.

Commercial Property Finance

If you’re buying a commercial property or refurbishing your existing premises, we can find the right property finance option for your business.

Invoice Finance

Having large amounts of cash tied up within your debtors can substantially halt your SME business growth. An invoice finance solution will reduce lengthy payment terms and help unlock up to 95% of the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices.

Secured Business Loans

A secured business loan enables you to access finance by offering a company asset such as property, machinery or equipment as security against the amount you need.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance enables your business to refinance your existing assets or rent equipment or vehicles with the option to purchase. This allows you to spread the cost of the repayment over time avoiding the need to buy the item outright.

Recruitment Finance

Recruitment finance integrates funding to aid with cash flow with a full back-office solution, including payroll support that helps free up your time to focus on the business.

Business Loans Nottingham

Grow your Nottingham business fast with our small business loans. Access between £1,000 and £2 million+. Find and compare loans today with our free tool.

Birmingham Business Loans

Grow your Birmingham business quickly with our business loans. Access between £1,000 and £2 million+. Find and compare loans today with our free tool.

Business Loans Scotland

Starting and running a business in Scotland is an exciting endeavour, with small businesses making up the majority of Scottish enterprises. If your start up or small business needs finance to cover temporary cash flow issues or to propel your company’s growth, a Scotland business loan could help

Nightclub Business Loans

Run a nightclub, but business isn’t booming? Or maybe you want to expand your premises? A business loan can help you reach new audiences and build sustained success.

Business Loan for Wedding Venue

If you’ve got a wedding venue you want to invest in or you want to purchase a new one, check out our loan options to grow your business quickly. Access up to £500,000 with an unsecured loan. Apply today.

Care Home Finance

If you’re looking to invest in your care home financially, care home finance can help you renovate your premises, upgrade equipment, or plug short-term cash flow gaps. Apply for loans between £1,000 and £2 million+ with our trusted lenders. Get a quote today.

Equestrian Finance

Whether you’ve got a livery yard in need of repairs, you’re planning to buy property, you need to purchase new equipment such as a horsebox, or you need to pay an unexpected vet bill, equestrian finance can help you.

Construction Finance

If you work in construction and want to ensure a healthy cash flow, construction finance can help you achieve that. Accessing working capital means no more worries if your construction project gets delayed or prices increase — you can still hire equipment and pay employees on time, every time.

Dental Practice Business Loans

Whether your dental practice is NHS or private, we can help secure the tailored finance your business needs to grow and succeed.

Loans For Wholesalers

Loans can give your wholesale business the breathing space it needs to grow, time to make better business decisions and the chance to maintain healthy cash flow. Apply for fast, flexible wholesaler loans today.