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Calculate the monthly and total repayable amounts of your loan by using our quick and easy online business loan calculator.

What is a business loan calculator?

A business loan calculator is a simple calculator designed for commercial purposes. You can calculate the total repayable amount on a commercial loan that you have already received quotes for, or use it as a starting point to work out some basics before looking for business funding quotes.

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This calculator is intended for illustration purposes only and exact payment terms should be agreed with a lender before taking out a loan.

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Why is it necessary to use a business loan calculator?

As there are now more and more commercial business funding solutions on the market in the UK, including a wide range of alternative business funders to choose from, a business loan calculator helps as a guide when deciding which loan product to go for and the cost implications associated with the loan product.

At Capalona we know it can be confusing for the customer to decide which solution best fits their purposes. That's why we have created dedicated articles on each commercial funding solution that we provide in the hope that it will serve as background information and offer detailed product information and guidance, fundamental in choosing the right commercial loan product.

By using our this tool, you can compare against a commercial quote that you may have already received or use it to check that you are getting a good deal that's right for your business. It's impartial and covers many products where there are straightforward interest rates and repayment terms applicable.

If you would like further assistance, we have a dedicated team who can answer any questions and give you more information on any business funding product we offer. We are regulated by the FCA and provide transparency for all the products that we promote giving you all the facts and figures required to make informed business decisions.

Why calculating the right business finance package is essential

Calculating the right business finance package is essential because once you have made the decision, you may be stuck with the product until you repay it in full. And, with so many options on the market, it's easy to see how so many companies make the mistake of choosing the wrong product and lender themselves. Instead, you should look for a company like ourselves who can help guide your business to the right product.

You can check the funding is competitive for you by using our business loan calculator and decide for yourself if it is right for you. There may be other products that can work for your business in better ways.

How to calculate the cost of your business loan

Simply fill in the your loan amount, term and APR in the calculator above to work out what your monthly costs and total amount payable might be.

Remember, this business loan calculator is for illustration purposes only and you may find that figures rarely match those provided by a lender. We can’t equate for any other additional costs such as admin charges or discounts.

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