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A business loan calculator is a great starting point if you’re looking to borrow money to help support your business. Whether you’re hoping to bridge cash flow gaps, grow your business or have working capital to make aesthetic changes to your premises, a UK business loan could be the perfect funding option for you. And, it could be the most straightforward route to securing the funding you need to grow.

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But what will your monthly loan repayments equate to and how much will you owe in total? This is where a business loan calculator tool can help you - so, put your calculator away, we’ve got the most straightforward tool for you. Work out your monthly repayments - including interest - in seconds - scroll down to use our loan calculator for business finance.

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This calculator is intended for illustration purposes only and exact payment terms should be agreed with a lender before taking out a loan.

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To learn more about what a loan calculator is, why it’s necessary to use, and how you use it, keep reading.

What is a business loan calculator?

A loan calculator does what it says on the tin - it helps you calculate your loan - from monthly payments, total interest, average monthly interest payable and, of course, the total cost of finance. It’s a useful business tool designed for commercial purposes.

A loan calculator is an excellent tool for those who have already received a quote for a commercial loan and want to calculate the total amount repayable. But it can also be useful for those just starting in their funding process; it can help you figure out whether the loan you want for your business is affordable each month. Even if you’re not yet seriously considering business finance, a loan calculator can help you plan for the future of your business by working out, realistically what you can and can’t afford.

In other words, if you’re not sure your business can afford to take out a loan, work it out quickly and easily with our business loan calculator.

Why is it necessary to use a business loan calculator?

The number of business loans out there and business financial solutions coupled with trying to understand what you’re eligible for and how much you can afford can mean finding the right one for your business becomes a minefield. Many of us like to conduct our own research when it comes to lending money, and that’s understandable. Are you getting a good deal for your business? It’s the question many business owners ask themselves as they start to unscramble their options. The business loan calculator helps you compile your research. You can understand within seconds whether interest rates on business loans are worth accepting, whether they’re competitive when compared to other financial products, or they can help you decide to keep looking for a better deal for your business.

At Capalona, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the most detailed articles on each commercial funding solution that we provide and offer the chance to compare the most varied funding options for their business. After all, it’s your business, and you’re the one making loan repayments - you must take the time to understand which financial solution suits your business best.

We hope that our detailed product information and guidance help guide our customers through each financial solution available to them before they make their choice. After you’ve spent time understanding which products are best suited to your business needs, our business loan calculator is here ready for you to drill down further into the monetary costs associated with the loan you’ve chosen.

If you would like further assistance - whether you have a question about our business loan calculator or one of our financial products, we have a dedicated team who can answer any questions. Our team can also provide you with more information on any business funding product we offer. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and provide transparency for all the products we promote. We ensure that we share all the facts and figures required to make informed business decisions.

Why calculating the right business finance package is essential

When it comes to a financial package, it’s necessary you understand which product best fits your business needs. Once you enter into a business loan repayment plan, you may be stuck with the product until you repay it in full. And, if you’ve selected the wrong product or you can’t afford the monthly payments, can put both you and your business in an awkward position.

With so many funding options on the market, it’s easy to see how many companies make the mistake of choosing the wrong product and lender themselves. The decisions you make financially are what can set you apart from other businesses in your sector; they’re what can define the future of your business. Why would you want to burden yourself with the additional responsibility of finding a product that compliments your business? Instead, you should look for a company just like us - we can help guide your business to the right product!

You can always check yourself to see whether the funding option is competitive by using our business loan calculator - leaving the final decision in your hands. There may be other products that you’re not even aware of that could work for your business in better ways - what have you got to lose? Get Started with us today.

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How to calculate the cost of your business loan

Calculating the cost of your small business loan is quick and straightforward, and you only need three pieces of information about your loan to get started. You’ll need:

  • The amount of funding required
  • The repayment term
  • And, the interest rate of the loan

Now you have these pieces of information, scroll up to our business loan calculator and input these details. You’ll notice, each time you amend a figure, your results automatically reflect the changes made. Please note that this is just a rough estimate of your monthly repayments, loan interest rate and total cost of finance. The exact payment terms should be agreed with a lender before taking out a loan.

Our loan repayment calculator, although a handy tool, can never equate for any other additional costs such as admin charges or discounts - so it’s essential to bear this in mind when using the tool. The tool is also designed to estimate repayments for loans where you repay the same amount each month with a set end date.

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Why you should use Capalona to help you find your business finance

We are one of the fastest-growing online business finance brokers on the market today and have been finding the best possible financial solutions for business nationwide since 2014.

The world of business finance can be a crowded and confusing marketplace. That’s why at Capalona we’ve made it easy for business owners - just like us - to rid themselves of confusion and help them find the product that is right for their needs while securing the best deal on the market.

We have a team of specialist funders just waiting to help you and your business grow and succeed.

With 5.8 million small businesses in the UK facing a minefield of different finance options - why sift through the deluge yourself when we’re right here to do all the work for you? We’re here to save you time and effort so you can concentrate on running your business - don’t get bogged down in all the comparison research and admin - let us handle it.

We connect your business to the right providers in three easy steps:

1. Apply for business funding in minutes by completing our online questionnaire

2. Receive your competitive quotes direct from suitable providers

3. Decide in your own time - using our loan repayment calculator in the process!

If you’re not quite ready to embark upon your business finance journey and you’ve got a few questions first, no worries. Our friendly team is just a phone call away - contact us on 0330 223 5036 or email us