Growing your company with a Business Cash Advance

Growing your company with a Business Cash Advance image

Regardless of turnover or length of time trading, all businesses should have an appetite for growth. With the economy in disarray following the historic EU referendum vote, businesses must focus on the future more than ever. Today, we look at how successful businesses grow using Business Cash Advance products during times of uncertainty.

There are many products available to businesses looking to expand. Not all finance comes from high street banks, and since the 2008 global downturn, Alternative Business Finance has become a fantastic option to SMEs of all types. Business Cash Advance products are flexible and often work in-line with business growth, making them a great alternative to bank finance.

A Business Cash Advance can help businesses expand without harming cash flow, which is a crucial element to any business. Products like a Merchant Cash Advance are based around your card sales, for example. Funds advanced from these lenders are paid back with future card sales. That means the loan will be paid off quicker during stronger months.

Growing your company with a Business Cash Advance is becoming more and more common across the UK. When the economy is stretched, high street banks become more restricted with their lending to small businesses. As alternative finance lenders work on a different model, you’re able to grow your company regardless of how the economy is performing.