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When high street banks cut back on lending, an array of alternative business finance providers stepped in to help fund and back businesses across the UK.


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We are official members of the NACFB
We are official members of the NACFB

You may of heard more and more about the term alternative business finance over the last twelve months. In fact the alternative business finance space has been born out of the frustrations of high street banks ceasing their lending activities throughout the banking crisis and economic ‘down-turn’.

Born from the frustrations of small business owners and SME’s struggling for monthly cash flow funding. Born from the frustrations of startup’s eager to launch their unique commercial idea but falling at the first hurdle when knocking at their local bank manager’s door.

So what exactly is alternative business finance?

Alternative Business Finance – The explanation is the in the title. They offer the business owner an alternative line of unsecured business funding which was mostly unavailable five years ago. Generally they remove the red tape and banking bureaucracy surrounding business finance.

Underwriting is more sympathetic to each case judging the borrowers requirements on alternative scoring and human instinct. The funding may come through from alternative business investors or business crowd funding which is seeing phenomenal growth each quarter of the year.

Alternative Business Finance – It has become more successful than anyone in the commercial financial market had predicted.

But what can it do for your small business or SME?

It can raise funds… fast and without the red tape. It is unsecured and away from the requirements of personal asset security such as a personal possession or your home. It’s funding panel is diverse both here in the UK and internationally backed investors.

With more alternative finance investors joining every day it has led to the boom in alternative business lending. The alternative finance space is exciting. Not just for the economy but more importantly a real viable, safe option for your business. An option that more and more UK business owners are adopting daily.

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