More Businesses Than Ever Using Invoice Finance

More Businesses Than Ever Using Invoice Finance image

A recent survey has indicated that more businesses than ever are using Invoice Finance. 12% of those asked indicated that they use invoice finance as a way of keeping their cash flow healthy. This is an increase of 4% on a similar survey conducted last year.

So why are businesses turning to Invoice Finance?

Many businesses are now using this to keep their cash flow healthy. In years gone by, many would approach their banks or use business overdrafts. Invoice finance works in-line with cash flow, making it a much more suitable solution.

If your cash flow is at the mercy of your clients paying their invoices, your finances could be at risk if someone pays late. An invoice finance lender can advance you around 90% of your outstanding invoice value up front. You will be returned the remaining percentage minus the lender’s fees once your client pays the invoice.

This aids cash flow and can ensure that businesses are able to access the funds they need quickly and efficiently. Whether your outstanding invoices are just a few thousand pounds or several hundred thousand, an invoice finance loan could be a great option.

Whatever your reasons are for requiring finance, this product could help. We have helped thousands of businesses ensure their cash flow remains healthy and the money they need is accessible. Alternative business finance in general is seriously strong at the moment, and this is just one of many innovative products available.

Services like have a dedicated team of specialists who can assist you in getting the invoice finance you need. If you have any questions or would like to apply for a business finance loan of any kind, contact our team today.