Infographic: What is Invoice Finance?

Infographic: What is Invoice Finance? image

Infographic: What is Invoice Finance?

Having large amount of cash tied up within your debtors can substantially halt your SME business growth, an Invoice Finance is a simple solution that will help unlock the cash that is tied up in your unpaid invoices.

From a recent survey, there are now over 42,000 British businesses, large and small currently using invoice finance as a result of their customers either taking too long to settle an invoice, or worse, not paying at all. This solution simply helps keep their cash flow positive.

There are two main types of invoice finance, invoice factoring and invoice discounting. Both allow you to sell your invoices and release up to 95% of the value, the only difference is that invoice discounting is 100% confidential and it’s you as a business who remain in control of all invoice administration & debt management. This is great for businesses who wish to keep the fact that they use this service private and confidential.

Key benefits include:

• Receive up to 95% of unpaid invoice value
• Improves your cash-flow
• Saves you money and helps free up your time
• Debt collection services if required
• Helps you focus on your business