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When you use the right equipment and implement the latest technology, your business can maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. However, providing capital upfront to invest in high value commercial assets is not only expensive but can impact cashflow and other aspects of your business. The great news for many UK business owners is that equipment leasing allows you to source equipment on a short-term rental basis and spread the cost without having to purchase the asset outright. You simply pay a fixed monthly payment, which goes towards the cost of the asset and interest, over an agreed term. These asset-backed leasing arrangements enable you to acquire the use of the most up to date equipment so you can actively grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

What Is Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing allows you to access high value, quality equipment that your business needs to prosper without having to tie up working capital. You simply lease or rent the equipment by paying regular fixed instalments over an agreed term. Although the lease arrangement runs for a specific timeframe, in most cases you can extend the lease and even upgrade the standard of equipment as and when necessary. With equipment leasing, you will not own the asset; you simply pay to use it for a fixed term and return it at the end of the agreement. It is worth noting, however, that some alternative finance providers will give you the option to purchase the asset once the agreement term has expired.

If your business would benefit from a short-term equipment leasing arrangement, please complete our short online application. You will receive a free, no obligation quotation within hours from one of our trusted alternative finance partners.

What Are The Benefits Of Equipment Leasing?

An equipment leasing arrangement offers highly flexible terms and can be set up within a matter of hours. It enables you to access high value equipment within days without having to provide an upfront payment for the total cost of the asset. Instead, you pay for the asset in regular instalments and as these repayments are fixed over an agreed term, you can manage your working capital effectively and meet your daily business needs.

  • Access the latest equipment within days
  • Highly flexible finance terms
  • Cashflow friendly solution

Paying for the use of the asset over time makes equipment leasing an affordable source of finance. You can access equipment of a high specification, which enables you to get the very best from the arrangement. Most business owners use equipment leasing to access high value items that are essential to the future growth of the company. You can lease any tangible commercial assets, such as industrial machinery, catering equipment, multifunctional printers and furniture.

Does Your Business Qualify?

If ownership of assets is important to you, hire purchase might offer a more suitable source of alternative finance for your business. If, for any reason, you do not qualify for equipment leasing in this instance, do not worry. At Capalona, we offer a wide selection of alternative finance products to suit the needs of most UK businesses and will help find the right funding source to support you. You can view our range of alternative funding products.

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