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We’re a broker, which means our service is completely free for you to use. We offer impartial, unbiased advice to UK businesses looking to compare business gas and electric. We’re on your side, and we just want to help you sift through the minefield of energy price comparisons.

Our process is quick and simple - and could save you cash on your energy bills. In fact, it only takes 60 seconds!

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We’ve helped 1000s of UK businesses save on their energy costs

Less than half of all UK SME businesses have switched their gas and electricity providers - we need to change that! We’re helping you compare business energy prices, switch and save money with ease!

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    Choose the best energy deal for your business and you could save up to 40% on your energy bill*

*40% average saving can be achieved when compared to your energy suppliers standard out-of-contract deemed rate.

Compare business energy suppliers in less than 60 seconds

You wouldn’t let savings slip through your fingers if you were comparing energy costs for your home - why should you treat your businesses any differently? Saving money on your business energy bills could mean more cash in the business.

Regardless of business size, you should be penny-pinching. Whether you’re a brand new start-up or a global enterprise - it’s always important to be as cost-effective as possible. At Capalona, we know there are always opportunities to reduce unnecessary outgoings, and your business energy costs are a pretty decent place to start!

We offer businesses of all sizes a reliable business electricity and gas comparison platform, making the task of finding the lowest prices on the market as simple and as painless as possible.

We’ve helped businesses save up to 40% on energy bills* - let us do the same for you!

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You could be overpaying for you business energy

What is business energy?

Business energy is the term used to describe gas and electricity that is used specifically for business purposes. Whether you're a small business or large enterprise, you’ll need a business energy supplier to power your workplace.

Did you know: In 2019, small businesses in the UK consumed an average of 20,000 kWh in electricity and 15,000 kWh in gas according to recently published statistics.

How to switch business energy supplier?

Switching business energy suppliers may seem like a complicated task, but it’s actually much easier than you think. Taking a little time out of your day to get to a better business energy deal will help to save you money. It may not be efficient to get energy quotes directly from suppliers, which is why business energy comparison sites like ours are here to help you find the best deal for your business!

Before you start, have your current energy contract and a recent bill to hand. This will help identify who your current supplier is, the terms of the contract and how much you pay on gas and electric. If you can’t find them, no problem, we can look up your current supplier and usage automatically with your permission to generate accurate quotes.

Here are the basic steps on how to get started on your switch with us:

Step 1 - You can start your switch with us here. You will be asked to enter your businesses postcode and provide a few details on your current gas or electric usage.

Step 2 - You will be provided with quotes from various suppliers. Simply compare the tariffs and choose the best energy deal for your business. You can make the switch and purchase online or over the phone if you prefer.

Step 3 - We will notify your current supplier and do the rest! All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the savings!

Remember: It may be difficult to switch suppliers whilst you are still in a contract unless you pay off any outstanding bills. Make sure you know the terms of your policy before you make the switch, and that your current provider is fully aware you want to switch and that you do not want them to supply your energy.

Retrieving a quote and picking a supplier - that’s all you need to do, it’s that simple. All the finer details are handled for you. It usually takes around 4-6 weeks to switch your energy supplier - read more about this below.

We’ve helped 1000s of businesses save money on their energy - become one of them today!

Who is the cheapest business energy supplier?

The price of commercial gas and electricity will be different for every business across the UK. So, the cheapest supplier for you may not be the cheapest for another business. Why is that? Factors such as the size of your business and its location can have a significant impact on the supplier you get and the price you’ll pay for your business energy.

Also, keep in mind that the cheapest tariff may not be the best for your business. With suppliers offering a range of different contracts, payment terms and levels of customer service, there’s more to consider than just choosing the cheapest supplier.

Why not compare now to find out who’s the cheapest business energy supplier for you?

How long does it take to switch business energy supplier?

It usually takes around 4-6 weeks to switch, depending on your business energy supplier. The process is generally straightforward but can be delayed, especially if you haven't provided the information that's required by the supplier. To make the switch go as fast and smoothly as possible, any details requested by the supplier should be sent across promptly. The process may also be delayed if you're still under contract with your existing supplier.

Is there a cooling off period for business energy contracts?

Unfortunately, there’s no "cooling-off" period for business energy customers. Once you commit with the supplier by agreeing over the phone, online, or signing a document, you cannot cancel it. This applies even if the contract date has not started yet.

It is very important to read all the terms and conditions carefully and that you are happy before you agree to the contract.

Can my current supplier cancel the switch

Your existing energy supplier can only object if you are still in contract or there is an outstanding debt on the account. Make sure you tell your supplier well in advance that you’re looking to switch.

Can I switch business energy supplier whilst in contract?

If you are still in contract with your existing supplier, then you won’t be able to switch. Once you agree to a business energy contract, it can be difficult to get out of whilst still under the term unless you:

Pay a cancellation fee - Your current provider may give you the option to switch if you agree to pay the current contract outright, but this might not be possible for your business to do this.

Move premises - If your business moves premises during the contract term, then you can switch suppliers. Before you move to the new address, make sure they are aware of the moving date well in advance.

What is a rollover contract?

A rollover contract is an automatic renewal of your agreement between your business and energy supplier when it’s due to end. This will remain in place until it’s cancelled by you. Always be aware of your contract expiry date, as once your contract ‘rolls over’, it may be difficult to cancel and switch to a new provider.

What is an MPAN and MPRN number?

These are unique reference numbers for your electricity and gas supplies that you'll find on your meters and on your energy bills.

MPAN - A Metering Point Administration Number is your unique electricity supply reference number. This number is sometimes called an electricity ‘supplier number’, is a mark used to identify the meter to your property or business.

MPRN - A Meter Point Reference Number is your gas supply reference number. It’s usually a 10 digit number that simply identifies your gas meter to your property.

Is your comparison service free?

Yes, our business energy comparison and switch services are completely free! We won’t charge you any upfront fees. Instead, we may receive a commission from the broker or commercial energy provider we successfully refer you to - but our advice is always impartial and in your best interest.

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