Business Energy Comparison: Why Are So Many Businesses Switching?

Business Energy Comparison: Why Are So Many Businesses Switching? image

Most business owners will tell you that one of their main concerns are their overheads. Today we’re looking at business energy costs and why so many business owners are now wising up to rising prices.

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s important to keep your costs to an absolute minimum. In many ways, running a business is a lot like running your own household. The last thing any homeowner wants is to be paying too much on their bills, and that includes energy.

The consumer market is rife with prompts to “switch and save” on gas and electric. This is because energy suppliers know that customers want to save as much money as possible on their household bills. And now this trend appears to be moving over to business. At last.

Businesses have faced many hurdles over the last five years. The recession hit many hard and some are still trying to recover, particularly those in the hospitality industry. We’re now in an era of cost cutting and saving, and the first thing on the list now appears to be business energy.

Whether you’re energy supplier is British Gas, nPower or E-On, there are great savings to be made for everyone. Is it time you wised up to rising prices and made a switch? It’s always advisable to at least research.

It makes complete sense: Comparing business energy prices is a quick way to save a lot of money. A worrying percentage of business owners are on energy plans that haven’t been reviewed for a long time. Some may not have compared and switched because they weren’t aware the option was available, and some may not realise how many options are out there.

Using a well-informed business energy comparison tool like Capalona’s can set your business on the right track to making some great savings. Saving hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year is something every business should be interested in doing. Finding the right plan and supplier for your business is the best way to remain efficient and cost effective. Speak to one of our team members today to see what you could save.