Satago is a business finance provider that helps companies manage their cash flow through advanced invoice financing solutions

Who are Satago?

Satago is a business finance provider that helps companies manage their cash flow through advanced invoice finance solutions. They work with small to medium-sized businesses to help them manage outstanding invoices and disruptions in cash flow.

With intuitive online software to manage your invoices, credit and accounts in one place, Satago is a modern solution to a common business problem.

What type of funding does Satago offer?

Satago offers an all-in-one cash flow solution that covers invoice finance, credit control and risk insight. Customers can get access to funds via a refreshingly simple pay-as-you-go invoice finance service.

With Satago, you can easily integrate it with your accounting software to automatically pull up pricing for your invoices which you can then choose to finance. Satago currently supports a range of cloud-based and desktop accounting software. Alternatively, you can manually upload invoices individually whenever you need finance.

Satago’s credit control service enables you to get faster payments from your customers through automated email chasing and a credit control management tool.

How do you qualify for and apply for funding with Satago?

In order to qualify for funding with Satago, you must be a UK-based limited company which sells to other UK businesses on credit terms.

Invoices can get financing if there are at least 10 days before they are due. They must also be worth a minimum of £500.

Applying for help with Satago is simple enough. All you’ve got to do is register with Satago and connect your accounting software (optional). You’ll then need to choose or upload the invoices you need help with and sign a finance agreement.

Satago funds around 85% of invoices and typically sends over the funds on the same day. When it comes to repaying, your customers will need to pay by the due date which Satago will take a small fee from for their service.

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