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Paying tax and VAT is unavoidable but it can cause major issues to your cashflow. Receiving an unexpected bill or finding you owe more than you anticipated adds to the pressure of running your own business.

Many business owners end up missing payment deadlines and incurring more costs in late payment charges and these can escalate over time.

If you lack the working capital you need to meet your tax and VAT liabilities, we can help. Whether you have missed your payment deadline or are due to pay your bill, our VAT and Tax Finance solutions will protect your cashflow and enable you to fulfil your legal obligations to HM Revenue and Customs.

What Is VAT and Tax Finance?

Many alternative finance providers understand the challenges associated with mounting VAT and tax bills. Even the most stable businesses can incur an unexpectedly large bill, especially if they have changed the way they trade or purchase goods during the previous year. Financing VAT bills and tax returns enables you to manage your working capital effectively so you can continue to run your business with total peace of mind.

Getting a loan to pay a tax bill

Tax and VAT Financing offers an efficient way to pay these bills and avoid costly penalties. You can then repay the finance in regular instalments, rather than in one lump sum. Finance options are available to accommodate a host of business needs.

Many business owners pay their VAT return to HMRC on a quarterly basis and, if you require an additional injection of cash to meet these payments, VAT financing is available. Planning ahead really helps to take the pressure off when your business has a host of other financial commitments to meet throughout the year.

If you are required to pay annual corporation tax, it is best practice to allocate enough funds throughout the year to cover the bill. However, this can be difficult for many businesses and it is easy to get caught out.

If you find yourself in a position whereby you lack working capital or your bill is higher than expected, our range of funding options can help you meet this annual charge and repay a business loan over regular monthly instalments.

How Does VAT and Tax Finance Work?

Tax and VAT Financing fills the gap when you lack the level of working capital required to meet your bills and legal obligations. An alternative finance loan enables you to spread the cost of these bills over regular instalments and within a manageable timeframe.

You may qualify for an unsecured business loan, which does not require you to offer an asset as security against the loan. Depending on your personal circumstances and trading history, you could access a business loan of between £10k and £150k.

What Are the Benefits of VAT and Tax Finance?

As a business owner, you may be legally obliged to pay VAT and tax to HMRC. A VAT and tax loan facility is designed to help you manage these recurring expenses and spread the cost over an agreed term in manageable, monthly instalments.

VAT and Tax Financing allows you to pay your bills on time, clear any outstanding tax debt and control your cashflow throughout the year without having to pay out a quarterly or annual lump sum.

To find out if you qualify for VAT and Tax Finance, please complete our short online application and one of our team will contact you with a decision from one of our trusted alternative finance providers within twenty-four hours.

Does My Business Qualify?

To qualify for VAT and Tax financing, your business must be registered in the UK and have a trading history of at least twelve months.

We can also help identify the right funding solution if you are due to make your PAYE and pay your rent. If you experience a seasonal shortfall, such as in the New Year or at Christmas, we can find the right finance to support you and your business.

If you do not qualify for VAT and Tax Financing, we can still help to identify the most suitable funding option for your business. To consider the benefits of other alternative financial products, please view our range of funding options here.

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