Recognise Bank

Recognise was born in recognition of the immense value of UK SMEs to the UK economy.

Who are Recognise Bank?

Recognise Bank is a business finance provider that funds UK SMEs to help them grow. Businesses can take out flexible finance to kick-start their growth, optimise cash flow, or invest in new technology.

What type of funding does Recognise Bank provide?

Recognise Bank offers a few different products to choose from. You can take out a commercial property loan for your business’ new premises or use it as a property investor. Property investors can also take out professional buy-to-let loans.

If you’re purchasing a property via auction or need short-term financial help, bridging loans are also available.

Additionally, Recognise Bank provides professional practice loans to support professional firms and SME working capital loans to support short-term cash flow needs or business growth.

For the bridging loans and commercial property loans, you can borrow between £100,000 to £5 million. Working capital loans allow you to borrow between £100,000 to £250,000. But if you’re the owner of a professional practice, the maximum you can borrow is £500,000.

Loan terms depend on the type of loan you apply for. Currently, the terms for bridging loans are up to 12 months, up to five years for commercial property loans, and up to three years for working capital loans (five if you’re the owner of a professional practice).

How do you apply for funding with Recognise Bank?

To get started with Recognise Bank, you will need to complete an enquiry form with some basic details. Their team will then follow up with a call to help you apply.

Once you have applied, the team at Recognise Bank aims to give you a decision within 24 hours usually.

To apply for Recognise Bank loans, you will need to be either an experienced property investor, business owner, or own a professional practice, with at least two years of profitable trading history.

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