Loans for Wholesalers have become faster, simpler and cost effective over the last three years. We have been at the forefront of this market helping hundreds of wholesalers find the business finance they need.

With markets booming across the globe especially in toys and tech it’s easy to see why fast funding is required.

Take for example the smart toy market. With just $4.1 billion of sales in 2016 the smart toy market is still fairly niche but that figure is expected to triple over the next four years. Smart toys are also very useful educational devices too. With augmented virtual reality being at the forefront of such technology it’s easy to see the thousands of applications and paired projects that will become available in the market.

Asia’s biggest Toy show the ‘Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair’ has been busy showing off the latest innovation to wholesalers from across the globe. With over 2000 exhibitors attending the show it’s easy to see why Hong Kong’s Toy exports have grown by 25% yer on year to a staggering $90 billion.

The New York Toy Fair is expected to also showcase innovation around smart toys which is on the 18th – 21st February 2017. The US is the world’s biggest marketplace for toys with sales up by 7% to $19.5 billion US dollars.

So if you are a wholesaler and you see the next big thing and you’re looking to be the first to market then you need a funding partner by your side.

If your business is involved with this type of business together you will know how important cashflow is especially a cash injection to purchase the stock orders required from wholesale to retail.

We can find you the cash you need to secure those sales in just a couple of hours. We can approve details for business funding quickly so that you can make purchases when you need to. Apply with us today to find out more.