Sigma Lending

Sigma Lending provides SMEs across the UK with unsecured business loans. Discover why they’re one of our trusted lenders here.

Who is Sigma Lending?

Founded in London in 2023, Sigma Lending helps small business owners access the unsecured funding they need to grow their businesses. They pride themselves on their streamlined approach to financing, no lengthy loan applications and quick access to funds. Their friendly team consists of industry experts with 100+ years of collective experience, so they’re perfectly placed to help you find the best unsecured loan to grow your business quickly.

What finance does Sigma Lending offer?

Sigma Lending specialises in unsecured business loans — meaning you don’t need to risk an asset to access business finance. Small business owners can access between £5,000 and £50,000 and see funds in as little as 24 hours after approval. This type of short-term lending can give businesses the injection of working capital they need to thrive. Sigma Lending doesn't enforce spending restrictions, so UK SMEs can spend their money however they want to grow their business.

How to apply for a loan with Sigma Lending

You have two options when applying for a loan with Sigma Lending. You can either apply directly through their website or choose them from our table of lenders after comparing other options. To apply through their site, fill in their short form to receive a bespoke quote, then proceed with your application from there.

Compare Sigma Lending with other lenders

By comparing business loans, you can be sure your chosen option is right for you. Our free loan comparison service is self-serve, so there’s no rush to decide when comparing your loan offers. Enter your details, including loan amount, reason for the loan and desired repayment period, and we’ll immediately show you eligible loans and lenders.

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