Funding Circle

Funding Circle ignite opportunities for businesses and investors by providing a better deal for everyone.

Who are Funding Circle?

Funding Circle is a business finance provider who brings lenders and businesses who need finance together. Investors can lend directly to businesses through Funding Circle to improve returns. Businesses benefit by getting fast and easy access to the finance they need to grow their companies.

Funding Circle has so far helped over 54,000 businesses in the UK gain finance and approves a loan every 5 minutes on average. They are also used by the Government-backed British Business Bank who have lent £80 million through Funding Circle so far.

What type of business funding does Funding Circle offer?

Funding Circle provide unsecured loans ranging from £10,000 to £1,000,000. You can pay this back over a term of 6 months all the way up to 5 years.

Loan rates typically start from 1.9% per year and some fees will apply. However, there are no fees charged for early repayments so you can pay it all back whenever you wish without worry.

This funding can be used to grow your business and achieve your goals through improved cash flow, refurbishing your property, buying new equipment, hiring staff, covering one-off costs and more.

How do you apply and qualify for funding with Funding Circle?

To check whether you’re eligible for a loan through Funding Circle, you will need to use their online form which aims to check your situation in 30 seconds.

If you are eligible for a loan with Funding Circle, you will then need to go through their online application which takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will receive an approval decision on your loan application within 24 hours. Once you have accepted their finance offer, you will have the money deposited into your account in just a few days.