SellersFi provides financial solutions to e-commerce businesses looking to grow. Find out more and see why they’re one of our trusted lenders here.

Who is SellersFi?

Formerly known as Sellers Funding, SellersFi helps e-commerce entrepreneurs access financial solutions to grow their businesses. With financial services, including business loans and daily advances and business services, including business analytics and prepaid business cards, SellersFi really is a one-stop shop for all things e-commerce.

What type of funding does SellersFi offer?

SellersFi offers various funding options to help UK e-commerce businesses grow. Services include:

Working Capital is similar to a business loan but more flexible than a traditional loan. You can lend up to $10 million and get approval in just two days. Lending terms differ based on criteria.

Daily Advance is when you access a portion of your revenue before it lands in your bank account. For example, if your marketplace payouts take longer than expected, you can apply for a Daily Advance (up to 90% of your daily net sales), which is paid into your bank account the next day.

SellerFi also offers other financial services, including invoice flex, which is only available to businesses with a US entity, and invoice factoring, which is only available in USD.

Am I eligible for SellerFi funding?

Qualifying criteria differ based on product type, but to apply for a working capital loan with SellersFi, for example, you must meet the following criteria:

  • At least six months of sales history
  • A minimum of $20,000 in net sales (or equivalent) for the last three months
  • Your business must be in good standing

And to apply for a Daily Advance, you’ll need to apply for a Digital Wallet with SellerFi to receive and manage the funds.

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