Reward Finance Group

When you need finance, Reward Finance Group we look at your individual situation. No box-ticking. Just a common-sense understanding of your ambitions, and a willingness to help you achieve them.

Who are Reward Finance Group?

Reward Finance Group is a business financing company that was founded ten years ago. Their philosophy is that every business is individual with individual needs. Each application will be given the time and attention it needs without a simple box-ticking approach.

They aim to give you a decision quickly on your application so you can put the finance to good use without delay.

What type of funding does Reward Finance Group offer?

Reward Finance Group offers two ways to finance your business. There are general business loans for short-term borrowing and there’s also invoice finance.

Reward Finance’s business loans offer amounts between £50,000 to £3 million for loan terms between two to 24 months. Interest rates begin competitively low, from just 1.5% a month but this will vary.

Reward Finance’s invoice financing service offers a way to maintain healthy cash flow, even in the event of late customer payments. Reward Finance will pay you the money your customers owe you, with a fee attached, so you don’t have to wait until your customer eventually pays. Invoice financing will fund between £50,000 to £3 million. The loan terms are unrestricted and the interest rates are tailored to each client.

How do you apply for funding with Reward Finance Group?

Applications for business finance start with a simple online quotation tool. This will quickly check your eligibility by asking you how much you would like to borrow, how long for, what assets you have and the reason for your loan.

Once you have entered those details, you will be given a preliminary summary of how much the fees are, the terms and monthly repayments. Interest rates are fixed so you will know exactly how much it will cost each month.

With invoice financing, you will need to contact Reward Finance Group directly to discuss your individual case in detail.