Adelpha Capital

Adelpha Capital provides fast, flexible finance to small businesses in England & Wales. Find out more and see why they’re one of our trusted lenders here.

Who is Adelpha Capital?

Founded in 2016, Adelpha Capital specialises in lending to small businesses. With over 40 years of industry experience, their friendly team of experts are there to help business owners access flexible and affordable funding solutions to grow their business.

What funding does Adelpha Capital offer?

Adelpha Capital offers two types of business loans: unsecured business loans and secured business loans. The secured business loan is available to all businesses, from new businesses to well-established ones. And business owners can access funding up to £150,000 over 1 to 6 years.

With the unsecured business loan, applicants can access between £3,000 and £150,000 up to 36 months and can see funds in their bank account in as little as 48 hours.

Regardless of which loan type you apply for, both loan repayments are flexible and tailored to your business cash flow, making repayments affordable.

How to apply for finance with Adelpha Capital

Applying for an Adelpha Capital business loan is quick and easy. You have two options: Either apply through our free comparison tool after comparing other offers or apply directly by filling out a quick application form on their site to start the process. After this, a dedicated account manager will call you to understand your requirements further. Adelpha Capital will then make you a loan offer, and you’ll receive funding.

The process for a secured business loan is slightly different as it includes property due diligence and the issuing of legal documentation.

Compare Adelpha Capital with other lenders

When searching for business finance, comparing other lenders before signing on the dotted line is important. That’s where our free loan comparison tool comes in handy. Simply input your loan details, including how much you want to borrow, your reason for borrowing and the loan term, and we’ll immediately show you eligible loan offers.

There’s no obligation to proceed with any quote you’re shown. Instead, take your time and compare lenders at your leisure. If you find a loan offer you like, you can proceed with your application online. Compare business loans.

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