Recap provides alternative debt financing for businesses with a subscription business model. Find out more and why they’re one of our trusted lenders here.

Who is Recap?

Founded in London in 2021, Recap is a lender offering merchant cash advances for business owners and embedded finance solutions for platforms. Their cloud-based solution, which uses smart technology, allows platforms to offer seamless finance for their merchants. And their cash advances allow small businesses to grow without paying fixed monthly loan repayments.

What funding does Recap offer?

Recap offers cash advances for small business owners. A cash advance is an alternative to a business loan, and instead of repaying in fixed monthly instalments, the borrower repays a pre-agreed percentage each month, so it ebbs and flows with your monthly sales.

Repay the cash advance within three to 12 months and use it however you see fit in your business, from renovating your business premises to purchasing more stock and hiring new staff.

The funding provided by Recap is turnover-based, so small businesses will have access to pre-approved offers in real-time, making it even easier to apply for the finance they need.

How to apply for a cash advance with Recap

Merchants can’t apply directly to Recap for a cash advance; they must apply through one of their partner channels, like Capalona. After selecting a Recap cash advance from our comparison tool, Recap will then contact you directly to process your application.

Compare Recap with other lenders

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