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UK finance sector report 1000% increase in Cyber Attacks

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Hack attacks and other cyber-related crimes reported by the UK's financial sector have risen massively in the last year

Pensions auto-enrolment: Everything an employer needs to know

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From 6th April 2019, the amount paid into an employees pension has gone up. The employee contribution will rise as well as what the employer needs to pay.

5 great ideas to help you cope with running your own business

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Running a business is rarely smooth sailing, and it's easy to fall down the rabbit hole of stress. So, here's five great ideas to help when you're contemplating if its all really worth it.

How business awards can boost your business

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You know the ones, the photos of the business owners, dressed to the nines at a fancy awards ceremony. It may look like a bit of a jolly but being nominated for an award really can boost your business in so many ways.

Why listening to your customers offers great rewards

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It's a bit of a given that listening to your customers helps you become a better business, we can sometimes forget that it's the most simple of things that get you the most significant rewards

The alternative finance sector is muscling in on established players

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New fast-moving tech companies have gained a foothold in the business market and are now looking to expand activities.

Fears Grow That Small Businesses Will Suffer No-Deal Hangover

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Added costs and increased red tape appear to be the chief concerns of the UK’s small business sector on the Brexit issue. But are they right to be worried?

How to stop your employees from stealing your clients

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So, you've built your business from the ground up, grown from strength to strength and now the worst has happened. One of your employees has left and taken your clients or other employees with them.

FSB wants to award best businesses across the UK

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Small businesses are starting to gain recognition for their achievements and it's being welcomed with open arms.

5 things you need to know about having a merchant account

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If you’re planning on taking payment via debit or credit cards within your business then there's no doubt about it, you’re definitely going to need a merchant account. So, what exactly is one and why do you need it? Let’s find out.