How a brand revamp can make your business boom!

How a brand revamp can make your business boom! image

Small business owners looking to grow their business could be trying lots of differing ways including extra marketing spend on advertising, expanding their business premises, taking on new staff and more.

There could be one other thing that is quite literally starring you in the face – your company brand identity.

Your company identity says a lot about your business especially in an age of speedy digital marketing where you don’t get a second chance to make your first impression.

By having a styled brand identity that truly reflects your market, your company values and pitches your business to your target audience in one visual hit a tall order. But this tall order can be executed by a professional graphic designer who can create the above all within a single design.

Not only should the design fit all the criteria above but it should work across all aspects of the business. From website, social, livery, stationary, signage and more the identity should sit within a set of business brand guidelines.

Any designer worth their salt will not only prepare your identity but they will also create a document that stipulates things like company fonts, company colours, how the design should work across a wide spread of media.

Having the right identity for your business can open up your business into new markets and opportunities. It can be something as small as a coffee shop looking to expand its customer base to a retail brand identity that ends up with a new sales opportunity on the high street.

It pays to at least review your brand identity alongside your competition. Do a little market research and find out what people think of your business based on your deign.

Looking at your marketing should be treated as part of your complete business expansion plans. To help with marketing costs we can offer marketing budget by way of alternative business finance that enables you to finance your growth. To learn more about how we can help with your growth plans contact Capalona today.