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Pay by link allows you to get paid remotely over email or SMS in seconds.


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Request payments easily using pay by link

Your business should evolve with technology, and drawn-out payments are a thing of the past. Pay by link offers both you and your customer a secure and hassle-free payment option - simply send a link via email or SMS and receive payment in seconds.

95% of 34-54-year-olds have a smartphone - which means emails and SMS are easily accessible at the touch of a button. With pay by link, customers can pay you from wherever they are - they’re checking their emails up to 15 times a day - seamlessly slot into their daily routine and start offering an email payment option.

What is pay by link? How does a pay by link work? What are the features? Why should you consider pay by link? How do I integrate pay by link? Is pay by link secure?

What is pay by link?

Pay by link is a request for payment, usually for businesses without a conventional store or shopfront. You create a link through your merchant account, embed it in an invoice and send it directly to the customer via email or SMS. They click on the ‘pay now’ button and make a payment without the faff. Track all your payments with the touch of a button in the merchant dashboard and access real-time reporting.

You want to make customer payments effortless. By sending them a direct link to make a payment, you couldn’t make it any more straightforward - it’s fail-safe!

How does a pay by link work?

You log in to your merchant account and create a unique payment link for your customer; this link can then be sent via email or SMS, direct to your client’s inbox or phone.

On clicking the link, the customer is taken to a secure landing page (with SSL security protocol) where they can fill in their banking details and make payment. You’ll have already filled in the invoice amount and the customer’s details - just like you would when sending a traditional invoice - so there’s very little learning curve, you already know how to do that!

Pay by Link features

We know you want ease, and we’re going to give it to you! Easy setup, easy customer payments - you don’t even need a website! Read more about the pay by link features below:

Email and SMS payment links - Accept payments by sending your customers an email or text message quickly and securely.

Accept all major credit & credit cards - Don’t miss out. Take card payments from all of the major credit and debit card processing providers.

No website required - You don’t need a website. Your customers will be taken to a dedicated payment page (hosted by the provider) where they can use their card to make a secure payment. This payment page can also be customised with your logo and colours.

Easy setup - Set up is quick and easy. Once set up, you can create a unique payment link and get paid in seconds.

Real-time reporting - You will have access to real-time reporting and analytics through your online merchant account so you can keep track of all your transactions.

Why should you consider pay by link?

Pay by link has many great features and benefits, but above all, it’s convenient. Pay by link is convenient for your customer (they can pay on their smartphone or desktop) and it’s more convenient for you! Quick invoicing helps you effortlessly manage cashflow - offering customers a quick and easy payment option can help you get paid faster, it’s as simple as that.

How do I integrate pay by link?

Pay by link is a simple tool that doesn’t require any integration. However, if you want to send payments using social media or chatbots, a little integration may be necessary.

Is pay by link secure?

Yes, payment links are very secure for both customer and business to use.

Why get a quote with Capalona?

We’re a broker, which means our service is completely free for you to use! We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience; we know it can be tiresome looking for quotes and comparing offers - that’s why our paybylink comparison tool is simple and easy to use.

At Capalona, we’ve helped many businesses find and secure the best payment solutions, become one of those businesses today - get your quote in under two minutes!