Merchant Services

A range of merchant services that allow your business to accept card payments securely from customers face-to-face, online or over the phone.

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Merchant card services for every business

Start processing card payments securely from customers face-to-face, online, or over the phone regardless of your business type. Unlock a healthier cashflow, effortless transaction management and quick, secure payments.

Card machines

Card Machines

A wide range of credit card machines to suit all business needs.

Online payments

Online Payments

Start processing card payments online using a secure payment gateway.

Phone payments

Phone Payments

Expand your business by letting your customers pay directly over the phone.

EPOS systems

EPOS Systems

Manage your business more efficiently with an all-in-one EPOS solution.

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Accept card payments from your customers anywhere, at any time

If you are new to card processing or looking to switch provider, we can help provide you with the right merchant services solution to help your business grow.

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Merchant services for your business

The way customers shop today looks very different from how they shopped even just ten years ago. The introduction of contactless payments and the growth of online shopping has meant retailers everywhere had to transform the customer experience, to keep up with growing demands.

It’s not just in brick and mortar stores that customers expect to pay by card, it’s over the phone, via email and through an online portal. To thrive in an ever-changing market, your business needs to meet these challenges head-on.

At the beginning of 2020, the value of card purchases on debit cards reached over 52 billion pounds; that’s a lot of money spent using card payment solutions. Using merchant services for your business means increased custom and a better customer experience. Keep reading about merchant services below.

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Merchant services for all business types

What are merchant services?

Also known as card processing services, merchant services enable the transfer of customer funds to the merchant. Whether that payment is made online, in-store, over the phone or on the go - with merchant services, you can accept card payments from just about anywhere.

How do merchant services work?

Merchant services is a facility that enables you (the merchant) to process debit and credit card transactions. Regardless of the type of merchant service used, the customer’s information is inputted into the system - via phone, through an ecommerce portal or at a point of sale terminal, from here the information is sent to be verified and approved. This process mitigates fraudulent risks for the merchant and gives buyers a trusted and secure way to purchase goods and services.

The merchant is charged a fee per transaction, and these fees vary wildly, that’s why it’s important to collect quotes from multiple merchant service providers to make an informed decision.

Remember: Before your business can accept debit and credit card payments, you may need to set up a merchant account. This is a special type of acquiring bank account which simply holds the customer’s funds until the card payment has been authorised by the card issuer and issuing bank.

Why should my business use merchant services?

If your business doesn’t process credit and debit card transactions, it’s missing out on sales. Half of polled UK adults believe cash is on the way out and will ‘soon’ be superseded by alternative payment methods such as contactless and smartphone payments.

If that doesn’t leave you chomping at the bit - what will?!

What are the different types of merchant services?

Read more about the four types of merchant services we can help you with.

Face to face payments

One of the most common merchant services is a card machine - whether it’s hooked up to your till point, or portable, a card machine means face-to-face transactions are faster, easier and cut down your queue quickly!

Phone Payments

Offering customers flexibility when it comes to making payment is crucial. With a virtual terminal, your customers can call and pay over the phone. Enter their details into a secure portal and voila, payment accepted.

Online Payments

Another common method is taking payments online, such as through your website. You’ll have used it without really noticing if you’ve purchased anything online. The customer inputs their details into a secure landing page and payment is processed almost instantly.

EPOS Systems

An electronic point of sale system (EPOS) equips your business with the software and hardware required to take payments. But it’s not only that. An EPOS also means you’re set up and ready to improve business operations; manage stock levels and analyse sales performance all through one system!

What does merchant services mean?

The definition of ‘merchant services’ means the range of different ways a business can accept card payments from their customers. This could be at a counter in a shop, on your website or over the phone.

Which merchant service provider is the best?

The best merchant service provider will depend on your business and how it operates. Why not get a quote from us and compare against other merchant service providers to find the best deal for you?

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